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Films are a powerful tool for telling stories,sharing ideas and influencing sentiments.
We communicate through screens and we share stories everyday through films, these stories motivate us, fascinate us and motivate us, a film has the power to excite a range of emotions in us. Short films ARE the text of our generation and our tool for communication.
To understand this tool of communication is crucial to learn how to express ourselves and also make educated judgement on media out there .
We carry a complete film studio in our pockets everyday and everywhere, the workshop is about learning the limitations of the phone and sharing some clever tricks and tips that can get you started on making some super epic films, over some biscuits and coffee.
We are happy to collaborate with Bandstand for this workshop and look forward to spreading the love for short films.
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Come join us to explore the potential your Phone carries and what you can do. Open Pandora’s box!